Trelona Advance Termite Baiting System

The Noosa region has wide array of properties with a vast range of different building designs. Factors such as the method of construction or environmental conditions may determine a chemical perimeter soil treatment is not the most suitable form of termite management. The Trelona Advance Termite Baiting System has been developed to allow termite management professionals a highly effective alternative in termite prevention to such properties.

Advanced Research

The Trelona ATBS combines the latest research in termite behaviour with the most advanced termite bait system to provide peace of mind that your most valuable asset is being protected. Powered by an active ingredient Novaluron, a next-generation Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor (CSI), a superior bait matrix with Puri-Cell technology, Trelona ATBS provides a highly palatable compressed cellulose matrix while being robust enough to last in Australian conditions.

Trelona ATBS requires much less bait for complete colony elimination to be achieved when compared to other termite baits on the market. This advanced bait matrix has proven to be irresistible to termites throughout Australia, including Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes which are the Noosa region’s most common termite species that destroy homes.

Unique Advantage

A very unique advantage of Trelona ATBS is that it can be used in combination with Termidor Residual termiticide and insecticide and Termidor HE (high-efficiency) termiticide. Termidor has been the most trusted name in termite control since 2002 and has been the benchmark for termiticides in the Australian market. Due to termite risk or construction design, combined treatment may provide the most adequate and thorough protection for your home. Where required or in instances where additional “peace of mind” is desired, Laguna Pest Control may design a treatment plan combining the power of these two trusted technologies.

Product Features

Trelona ATBS Key Features:

  • A sturdy and discrete bait station, designed to encourage station interception and feeding.
  • An active system that allows inspection frequencies to be extended whilst providing year-round protection.
  • An advanced bait matrix, containing revolutionary termite bait technology that makes it irresistible to termites which results in complete colony elimination.
  • Impairing the ability of termites to properly synthesize chitin and inhibiting the termite’s ability to moult, Novaluron results in complete progressive colony elimination.
  • Preloaded active bait cartridges ensure no delay in termite feeding and colony elimination which can occur with older timber only monitor stations.
  • Securely fitted with a quick-lock cover which eliminates any chance of tampering by your children or pets.
  • The only system, specifically designed to be used in with the Termidor range of products.