Mosquito Treatment FAQs

Have you had success with this type of treatment?

Yes and no. The treatment has varying degrees of success. Feedback has ranged from 50% reduction to 100% reduction and the length of control also varies significantly.

The main reasons for this variation is due to several factors, mosquito numbers (mosquito numbers naturally rise and fall), post treatment weather conditions (wind and rain fall), clients activity pattern (how much time the client spends outside and when), and the size of the treated zone (the bigger the area, the better). The problem with mosquitos is that they fly, and we can’t treat mid-air. The treatment is also less effective against midges.

This type of treatment is primarily aimed at the control of mosquitos (due to the behaviour of mosquitoes – they rest upside down in foliage during the day), the reduction is midge numbers is a bonus. Bus unfortunately effective midge control is only possible by large scale treatment of the breeding zones which is beyond your boundaries. So to summarise, the treatment will help reduce your biting insect problem but it will not eliminate all the biting insects. Majority of our mosquito treatments have been on domestic clients with acreage.

Occasionally in the past we have had to get the pest controller back after a spray as it hasn’t been successful. It hasn’t happened often, however, just wondering if this would be an additional cost?

We do not offer any form of free service period with the mosquito treatments due to their varying degrees of success. The effectiveness of mosquito management is an extremely difficult one to measure. As mentioned, the treatment is aimed reducing mosquito numbers only. Additional treatments will be at a cost.

Should we request an additional spray, for instance the mosquito season starts early or goes later, what would an additional spray cost?

Additional treatments will be at a cost. Due to some locations of properties at relatively small treatment area 100% control of biting insects would be an unrealistic expectation. Success of mosquito treatments is directly proportional to the client’s expectations. If we set the client’s expectations too high the results of the treatment will never meet them. With mosquito treatments we aim to under promise and over deliver rather than the opposite which many pest control companies do.