About Silverfish

Silverfish are a small, long, and flat-shaped insect with silvery bodies. They are a nocturnal species, which restricts their activities to the dark and undisturbed areas of your home, such as the roof area, subfloor areas and wall cavities. They can often be found in bathtubs and basins, which is due to their inability to climb smooth surfaces. Silverfish prefer to feed on materials high in starch content, which includes photos, books, clothing, food crumbs, and wallpaper.
It takes a significant amount of time for an infestation to build, as it can take up to four years to complete their lifecycle and they generally lay eggs singularly.

What Can You Do?

Avoid storing books, paper, photos and similar items in your roof space or closed cupboards. Inspecting incoming goods, such as second-hand books and furniture, may help prevent an infestation. Unfortunately, due to the areas that these insects frequent, treating them safely using household products is not going to be very effective. Often it is best to engage the help of a professional pest manager that is experienced in silverfish control, such as Laguna Pest Control.

What Can We Do?

Getting a silverfish infestation under control is straightforward if using the right products and the right application equipment. This involves a thorough treatment of likely areas where silverfish frequent, such as roof and subfloor voids, combine with the residual treatment of your internal skirtings. Our General Pest Treatments include these measures and will control a significant infestation or prevent one from occurring.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

To be silverfish free of course, but not straight away! Due to some areas that cannot be accessed during treatment, such as within wall voids, we need to allow time for silverfish to come into contact with the products applied. This is one of the reasons we use residual products. However, our General Pest Treatments include a 6-months warranty, so at any stage during this time and you are not happy with the results, we will come back!