“No Spray” Pest Management Program

Our “No Spray” Pest Management Program is ideal for those who have concerns with the use of liquid insecticides in traditional pest treatments but still want to live in a relatively pest-free environment. This option is a more holistic program with an emphasis on Integrated Pest Management Techniques. It incorporates regular inspections, monitoring pre-empt pest activity and focuses on using products and techniques which target a pest’s biology rather than the heavy-handed application of broad-spectrum liquid insecticides. The “No Spray” Pest Management Program is not suited to those who have a zero-tolerance to creepy crawlies and want 100% protection. It is designed to keep pest activity to a tolerable level without the reliance on heavy pesticide use.


Our “No Spray” Pest Management Program begins with a thorough assessment of the property, which:

  • Identifies current pests and their activity levels
  • Identifies conducive conditions and recommendations to remove these conducive conditions
  • Identifies potential entry points, harbourage areas, and recommendations to proof these areas
  • Helps educate the client in the biology of pests and how to assist us in keeping pest activity levels to a minimum
  • Also identifies whether our “No Spray” Pest Management Program is suitable for the client and their house

The cost to perform this assessment is $180 inc.GST.

Once the assessment has been performed and discussed with the client, they are then offered a 12-month maintenance program, which includes the initial setup and bi-monthly services.

The initial setup includes removal of any conducive conditions, proofing of harbourage and entry points, treatment of current pest activity only with approved insecticides, removal of cobwebs, and installation of multiple glue board monitors.

The bi-monthly services include inspection of glue board monitors, spot treatment of any pest activity, removal of cobwebs, application of granulated insecticide to external grounds, removal of any encroaching vegetation (palm fronds), and further assessment of conducive conditions.

Approved Insecticides

  • Amdro Granular Ant Bait (active hydramethylnon)
  • Attractant Pro Ant Gel (active indoxacarb)
  • Battleaxe Pro Cockroach Gel (active fipronil)
  • Hymenopthor Ant and Cockroach Granules (active fipronil)
  • SAS Pro Granule Ant Killer (active fipronil)
  • Brigade Granular Insecticide (active bifenthrin)
  • Vanquish Pro Ant Bait – for heavy external ant infestations – (active fipronil)
  • Pyspray Aerosol (active pyrethrins)

Important Notes

The “No Spray” Pest Management Program:

  • Does not eliminate the use of insecticides completely, but minimises the amount used by eliminating liquid insecticides and using granular type formulations instead.
  • Cannot prevent pests from entering your as the use of residual insecticides is minimised.
  • Relies heavily on the co-operation and involvement of the client.
  • Is considered more of a reactive program rather than a preventive program, although steps and measures are taken to help reduce encroaching pest activity.
  • Relies heavily on more frequent and shorter services than a traditional annual pest treatment.
  • Has a big emphasis on educating the client.
  • Encourages the tolerance of “beneficial type” insects, such as outdoor webbing spiders, native bees, and wasps.
  • Is suitable for people who suffer from allergies and are sensitive to chemicals.

If the client is unhappy at any stage with the results of our “No Spray” Pest Management Program, the program can be terminated, and our traditional General Pest Treatment can be performed.